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StarJacked Title

     StarJacked: The Adventure Begins is the first chapter in an incredible space journey that will take you to new and exciting new worlds. The world of Xilax is the home of Hadosians a terrestrially advanced society. Few have ever wondered what lies beyond their solar system until now. Xilax is the ninth planet in a binary star system named Dulaxia. High Scholar Ricterbinx is one of those that dare ponder their place among the stars. This is the story of their valiant effort to save their solar system from destruction.

     Among other known species, there are the Dilerians, an aquatic race found in a neighboring system. They are a highly advanced society who firmly believes knowledge is power. They have the ability to survive in almost any environmental conditions. They tend to think of the Hadosians as their less evolve cousins. Will the Dilerians help the Hadosians or are they going to leave them to their own devices?

Are you up for the challenge?






Armada Battle  


Current planned platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS

Possible future platforms:

  • XBox Live
  • Mobile platforms



StarJacked : The Adventure Begins Windows, Mac, Linux game

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